When we meet

Mondays, Beginning Fall 2022 @ 8:00am-12:00pm

When and where do you meet?

We will be meeting at our new location in the Sioux Falls Metro area (due to safety of our families we only release this info for members) on 

MONDAYS each week. We meet from 8:00am to begin our opening and classes. We dismiss at 12:00pm.

First Day: September 12, 2022

What do my children need to bring?

  • Backpack with School Supplies (2 pencils, erasers, glue, 1 pair of scissors and crayons or colored pencils).
  • Water bottle
  • Non-Marking Gym Shoes- If you don’t have gym shoes your child will not be able to participate. The building requires us to take special care of the gym floors (no snow boots, no wearing of socks only)
  • We suggest you label backpacks & water bottles because they are often left behind
  • A snack that is free of peanut/tree-nuts. We have students and parents with allergies.

What about curriculum?

For elementary-aged students there is usually no cost additional cost of books or a set of curriculum. The classes offered are enrichment, hands-on based and your registration fees already cover those costs.

do I have to volunteer?

YES! you are required to volunteer 2 hours. We have a variety of classes where you will teach side-by-side another teacher. We are currently NOT accepting any Independent Families. Please see the registration packet for that pricing. IMPORTANT: All volunteers are required to pass an LLA vendor-approved background screening.

What if my child has allergies?

  • We are a PEANUT/NUT Free facility. We do our best to remind our members not to bring anything with nuts into our facility. We do this for the safety of our children and parents with allergies
  • IF your student has food or other allergies please contact Kendra Liedtke, director.
    Email: livinglegacyacademy@gmail.com. She will give you further instructions about this.

what about fees?

  • ALL FAMILIES PAY NON-REFUNDABLE Registration fee ($100) due with the registration packet to secure your spot. Tuition is listed below and covers costs for the school year.
  • "Member  Families": Families with students in Nursery-12th grade and at least one parent is teaching for 2 hours
    • Preschool- $50 (per child, Kindergarten is age 5 by 9/1)

    • Grade School K-7 grade: $75 (per child, Kindergarten is age 5 by 9/1)

    • High School 8-12th grade: $20 Admin Fee, $50 Science Lab, $25 for all other Classes

  • Background screening: New Member $40, Returning Member $20 (every two years)

WHAT if we will be absent or sick?

We understand life happens. Kids get sick and visitors interrupt your schedule. When this happens we ask that you find our own substitute to fill in your teaching position. Please report who will be subbing for you to the director, Kendra.

  • We will provide a substitute teacher list for parents to find a replacement for the classes they will miss
  • This list is very important! It will be in your parent packet at our parent meeting in August. It's another reason not to miss our Mandatory Parent Meeting in August. See our events page for more details!