When we meet

Mondays, Beginning Fall 2022 @ 8:00am-12:00pm

Wellness policy

All those attending LLA should make a habit of checking your family's health the day before attending. Ask your children and monitor them for the following: new cough? chills? fever 100.4 or higher? a new sore throat? muscle aches? diarrhea or vomiting? If the answer is yes to any of these symptoms you should stay home and contact the LLA director to let us know you will be unable to attend. A substitute list is available at the parent meeting, which will help in finding a replacement for your teaching position. See our FAQ's for more details on what to do when you are going to be absent.

Dress code and behavior expectations


Our dress code may be self-evident to most parents.  However, to avoid confusion or misunderstandings, it is helpful to have expectations set out in writing. Fewer problems occur that way. We are always making a statement to the community by how we dress. It is important that we teach our children to be conscious of that fact.  If any of these expectations are not met, we will ask them to correct the situation immediately. Details of our dress code can be found in the registration packet.


We require our young people, parents and instructors to exhibit appropriate and respectful behavior while interacting with peers and instructors. We recognize all individuals are created by God and ask that everyone's conduct reflects that.  We as parents and instructors must conduct ourselves with respect and grace for all to honor God and to teach our children by example.

cancellation due to weather

If Brandon public schools cancel on a day that co-op meets, LLA will be cancelled. We will notify you of cancellations the night before we meet. Please make it a habit to check your email for these important messages!!